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Rental of Residential or Commercial property is an effective way to generate a passive income stream that can support you for years to come. Apart from the initial investment of purchasing the property, there is little maintenance to be done for rental properties.

You can purchase an independent house, apartment, villa in a villa project, or an apartment complex and let it out for a fixed monthly rent. Not only will you get a monthly income, you will also get a bulk rental advance that you can invest in a bank or financial institution to gain interest.

With more and more people moving from the suburbs to the cities, you are sure to find good tenants who can pay the expected rent. We have the resources to help you invest in a great residential property that will earn you a regular rental income.

As a Property Management office we are able to give you an objective market appraisal. We are not looking to sell your property, our only motivation is to lease your property for the best possible rent, in the shortest amount of time.

It is our responsibility to honestly and professionally recognise your property’s rental potential. This is why our valuation process takes into account similar comparable properties and rental market trends, which may affect your property.

A realistic rental valuation is essential to ensure your property should be let promptly, resulting in a better financial return on your investment in the long term. Our office regularly reviews rents to ensure that your property will return it’s maximum potential

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